Snakes and being productive - a Sunday observation

This is a little snake that my partner found in the garden today. He brought the little creature in to show me and then gently settled it back in the garden bed and took this photo. He is really enthralled whenever he finds wildlife in our yard.

At the time that he brought in the snake ("Jan's Banded Snake" according to his google research) I was in the middle of a webinar about productivity and 'being present' with whatever you're doing. Hey - don't judge 😆 some of us like to pursue our personal development on a Sunday morning !!

I have to admit, I gave the snake a cursory glance and gave my partner a distracted comment as I thought about what I was missing in my webinar about learning to be more focused while he prattled on about a 12cm long snake.

Which got me thinking:

is it better to drop what you're doing and 'be present' with your important person even if that means you must disengage from what you're really interested in the moment.

Or is it better to tell your important person that you're not available at that time and follow up later?

Of course it's different according to the person, the occasion, what each of you is interested in at the time. In this case I kind of sat on the fence. I listened for a bit and then said I really wanted to get back to my webinar. Then I came back later to make another comment about the latest banded wildlife adventure.

Life is usually made up of making the best decision on the spot.

And then being ok with making that decision. Ruminating and worrying if we did the right thing at the time: that just uses up precious energy and keeps us living in the past.

That's pretty much a common theme in the counselling work that I do, especially working with anxiety. You could sum it up as:

"Do your best in the moment, then move on."

If you have worrying thoughts 'snaking' * through your imagination and keeping you from being fully present in whatever you're doing - I am just around the bend to listen and share some ideas on how you can feel more calm:

-call me on 0492 918 646,

-email me at,

-check out the website

or reach out on my facebook group Working Parent Wins.

Let’s work together to make life easier 😊

* sorry: I couldn't resist the pun !

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