Sad Days + Shopping Centres = Splurging

Have you had an emotional day recently? Maybe you have had a lot of them. On a day where nothing seems bright and emotions, you didn't know were inside you came surging to the surface.

It feels very overwhelming, doesn't it?

That was me last weekend. Through a google search, I found a trendy cafe to visit on my day off. But when I got there the place was completely booked out and I couldn't get a table. I turned away and walked out feeling like a reject...I was alone too. So I had a "Billy no Mates" air about me, I'm sure.

It was an unfamiliar part of town so I didn't have the local knowledge or the emotional grit to find somewhere else.

Instead, I drove to a favourite shopping mall to wander around.

So, the hiccup of a full cafe doesn't sound like much does it?

But it really crushed me.

In my tender state, I wandered into a fancy stationery chain. I bought a journal for $40.00 and some gel pens for $10.


.F I F T Y dollars on stationery.😬

What a splurge!

I came to my senses on the drive home. I realised that I had just spent $50 on a book with a few trite self-care quotes and 5 coloured pens.

Blimey - what was I thinking?

Guilt set in.

And at moments like that: well you just have to forgive yourself, don't you?

Yep, I overspent. At other times it might be eating all the chocolate in the house, yelling at a loved one, drinking far too much wine or kicking the dog. NO, not the last one. (I sometimes think about it though!).😉

But we all mess up. We have crappy days we feel low, we make less than brilliant choices and we have to live with it.

It takes less energy and we're more likely to make better choices next time: if we FORGIVE OURSELVES.

Because the remedy for the crippling guilt and shame is compassion and reconnecting with ourselves.

For what do you need to forgive yourself?

Whatever it is, I hope that you can bring some self-compassion to your past self.

We are all doing our bestin this busy, stressful world.

Step away from the self-blame and criticism for a few moments. Recognise that you have a lot going on, lots of feelings, lots of demands on you.

It's hard to be a grown-up sometimes.

Give yourself a break.

Yours, a sucker for stationery,

Kylie 😊

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