"If you think being a mum is a full-time job,

             try    being a working mum."

What you want more than anything right now is a calm, connected family life.  For that to happen, you need some strategies to manage young kids, part time work and running a house, especially when life throws up a hurdle or two.

The problem is that you have this private worry of not being good enough.  When you yell at the kids or feel unacknowledged by your partner, you wonder if you're cut out for this parenting gig.

At Kylie Bell Counselling I understand that you're trying to keep all the plates spinning and it just feels so overwhelming.  I know how much you want to cherish your babies and be cherished by your partner as well. That's why I provide a warm, non-judgemental place for you to regroup, replenish yourself and re-plan how to make your life work for your unique family and situation.