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Be the patient parent.

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At Kylie Bell Counselling, we help 

working mums and dads

stay calm amongst the busyness and chaos

so they can be their best at home and at work and

be the calm,

patient parent

they want to be.


How are you?

Say goodbye to 

Parent, employee, partner, colleague..

you have so much you want to give and so much you want to be.

It feels impossible to do it all and to do it well.

I can help.  Let's talk.

I'm a Mental Health Social Worker with more than 20 years' experience - as a working mother and as a mental health expert.  Empowering women to feel in control and confident is my mission.

I went back to work when my kids were a few months old to help the family financially.  I felt rushed all the time and so busy but sometimes so lonely as well.  

Friends who worked didn't have children; friends from mother's group didn't work.  And the working friends with children were too busy to catch up.

I rarely felt that I was on top of things and I really gave myself a hard time about that.  Nothing ever seemed "done".

Then I began working as a counsellor (psychotherapist, mental health social worker - the names mean the same thing) and the women with babies or school aged children who were returning to work and hardly keeping their heads above water were the people that I really felt a connection with.

I became more and more passionate about helping women see and believe how they are SO MUCH MORE than their messy house or messy hairdo.  I get so fired up and excited when I talk with women about how much they do and how truly awesome they are  !!

I love the look in a mum's eyes when she puts down some of the guilt and the list of chores and lives her life according to her values and the values she shares with those in her family.

I would so love to help you realize that too !!


Here's how it works:



Book an appointment - 

tell me some more about you and your family.


Counselling sessions in person or online.

Sessions online via Zoom mean you don't need to leave home, bundle the kids into the car or find a sitter.


Together we will identify how you want to juggle your roles as parent and employee and  be the patient parent that you want to be, even when you're  super busy.  


Our rooms in Baldivis and Singleton are private and cozy. 


They are a sanctuary for busy mums who need space to talk and think - without interruption ! 


We build on your strengths.

I show you some new ways to talk so that people listen to you.

I show you some helpful techniques to 'calm your farm'.


Kylie uses proven counselling strategies to move you from feeling stuck and 'blah' to energised and confident. 


At Kylie Bell Counselling, I wish that all mothers could see just how awesome they are.

I help working mums and dads who worry that they can't do it all and who notice that they're getting too stressed with the important people in their lives....

....learn effective ways to communicate and to support themselves so that stress doesn't stain their relationships and they feel calm and competent.


Fees & Policies


Be the patient parent.

At home and at work.


Counselling sessions online and face to face $160.00 per 60 minute session.

Medicare rebates may apply.

Better Access to Mental Health Care

The Better Access initiative by the Federal government allows for a rebate from Medicare on counselling fees for up to 10* sessions per calendar year. 

To be eligible for a Medicare rebate you will need a GP referral.

Your GP can send the referral to me at

or you can bring the paper copy with you to your first appointment.

The Medicare rebate for counselling with an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker is currently $77.10.  This rebate amount is subject to change.

* This may increase to 20 sessions per year under the Pandemic Support Measure.  

Privacy Policy & Ethical Standards

All personal information about you remains confidential.  

Please refer to the Privacy Policy for full details.

Cancellations and
not attending sessions

If you need to cancel your counselling session please proivde at least

24 hours' notice.  

When sessions are cancelled with a minimum of 24 hours' notice there is no charge to you.

If you cancel your session with less than 24 hours notice then you will be charged 80% of the full session cost.

Non attendance without any cancellation will accrue the full fee.